Coeli and John

Tom became our realtor through a relocation to the Minneapolis area, and to our great luck an uncertain situation was quickly turned into an easy process by Tom Vance. Tom and his associate Katey Bean worked with us when we were visiting the area and while we were long distance prior to our move. They helped with locating appropriate properties to view and organized our search to complete as much as we could in the time frame we had. Tom went so far as to meet with a flooring contractor at our new home(even prior to settlement of that home) when we couldn’t, this allowed us to get into our home soon after settlement. From finding a furnished rental apartment, to handyman services and even cleaning services nothing was to much to ask. Tom was a wealth of knowledge in all areas of real estate, we had many questions about our new location from tax considerations to insurance, and even decorating! Tom made sure to be present at our closing and stayed in touch after the entire process just to make sure everything was going okay. You might think that I am talking about a real estate transaction that was in the many hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to get this service, but I am sure our transaction was one of the smaller ones handled by Tom and his associates. To be treated so expertly was a wonderful experience and I know that with his attention to detail and caring Tom will continue to provide exceptional services to all his clients.

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